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Building A Gaming Computer

If you love playing computer games, chances are you've been thinking of a new computer so that the new game you've been eyeing doesn't run like a snail when you start to play it. Ever thought about building your own gaming computer?

Besides saving a bundle of money, you'll learn a lot and end up with a high-performance machine suited to just your needs. The process involved in building your own custom gaming computer is quite straightforward. Let's take a look at what's involved and some points that you need to consider.

Choose your individual components carefully so that they work together seamlessly, there are several installation guides and examples available on the Internet to give you an idea of what to consider.

The basis for your new computer is the case and power supply. Make sure the case has enough room to fit your motherboard and other components, including any future requirements such as a Blu-Ray drive. The power supply should be powerful enough to supply all components, at least 500W is recommended.

The motherboard is the heart of your system and you will need to select this in conjunction with your CPU and memory. Make sure there are enough PCI slots for your future needs too. An inbuilt sound card is common, but you will probably want to add a dedicated sound card at some stage. If the motherboard is the heart of your new system, then the CPU is the brain. Choose between the two leading brands, Intel or AMD, and go for the best model you can afford. But make sure it is compatible with your motherboard.

Buy as much memory as you can, you can never have too much! The latest type is DDR3, and a minimum for a decent gaming computer is 4GB. Again, make sure your motherboard supports this type and has room for expansion.

A good quality video card is vital, particularly if you enjoy the latest 3D games. Buy the best you can afford with at least 512MB of video memory included. If money is no object, then your choice of hard drive will be a new solid state drive (SSD), but for most of us a SATA drive, minimum 250GB, will be the best. Again, make sure your motherboard supports your selected drive interface.

Complete your gaming computer with an LED or LCD monitor with a response rate of 5ms or better, good quality loudspeakers and you'll end up with a system that will give you a great gaming experience. Then you can start looking at those more esoteric accessories, such as a racing wheel or gaming chair. The sky's the limit - or perhaps the state of your wallet!


Play Games - An American Pastime

Baseball a fun game starts the season with our President throwing out the first ball and saying 'Let's Play Ball', and the games begin. This is a known tradition that happens every spring at the start of a new season. Playing games is fun and many games have a tradition that we do before we start to play. Now that we are able to play games on the internet, many of these traditions are no longer applicable.

The traditions now replaced by the gamer creating cool names and a cool picture that represents who they are. Everybody has their own traditions when it comes to playing games but since you are playing alone it is your tradition not shared by everyone. You perhaps only play when you have your lucky piece with you a tradition that you have created for yourself. The real game player normally has something special that they do before game play begins. Traditions in America are as common as playing games.

The variety of games to play range from simple board games to high quality action games. The games now are available on cell phones, I Pods, and a variety of different electronic widgets. You no longer remain in one spot tied to a desktop computer. Computer companies now provide laptop computers that are wireless and go anywhere. The computers invented for the corporate business to help provide easy accessibility for their employee. The gamers immediately jumped on board of this terrific invention and opened up game site programs to enable everyone to play games. Where ever there is the availability of an electronic widget the gamers immediately invade the market with games that everyone can play.

In order to play games today you only need to be able to have accessibility to the internet. The internet providers are many and varied. The phone companies provide dial up service and there is a multitude of phone companies. The satellite companies provide instant access via the satellite or dish. The cable companies provide instant access with their cable lines. Just about all the internet providers make it possible for you to go wireless with your computer.

What type of games do you like to play? The generation of playing board games fined bountiful websites that offer board games. The board games that are the familiar are chest, checkers, sudoku, monopoly, and puzzle games just to name a few. All these games are accessible on the internet for you to play. Children games like candy land are also available on the internet. The internet now has the creative minds of a generation of game players, which gives all of us the advantage of, supped up modern game play. Games now are interactive it is you against the mind of the computer.

Children now play learning games that help them with school and at home. Many national known companies that provide entertainment toys for children also provide interactive games free on the internet. Plays games enjoy yourself know that new games invented with you in mind every day.


Some Things To Consider Before Your Play Online Games

Even though the video game consoles of today have taken over all the old systems the PC games of today are still some of the number one rated games on any system. The way the computer works is different then what kind of graphics that you will have in your Xbox or Playstation. You will have a motherboard with either single or double graphics card ability. If you have an SLI ready motherboard then that means that you have the best motherboard that money can buy and you also have the best graphics as well. You will be using two graphics cards over the power of one which will make your computer not only not lag but will make the image clearer then purified water.

The big thing about computers and playing video games on them is you can keep upgraded your computer without having to buy a whole new system. You can however upgrade your other video game systems but then it becomes illegal to play your upgraded systems online like you like to play. That is because they sell the systems how they want them to be played if they had wanted everyone to be aim botting then they would have given you that privilege but you cannot and therefore you just need to spend your upgrading money on your computer unless you are "modding" other servers and not the main Xbox live feed.

Games that come out for PC are always going to be better because they know that most people have a good computer that can play the games and most of every computer now days can play new video games and will have a clear image when playing.

If you are one to play a lot of different games all the time then you should just buy a console but if you are just going to play like a couple of different games that are your favorites like Counterstrike or Call of Duty then a computer is for you.

If you want to really play games on your computer flawlessly then you are going to have to spend some money to make the computer that you want. You are going to need at least 2 gigs of RAM. A good graphics card as well. You just need to go to online and you will be able to get a good gaming computer for under $1200. I mean everything that you want and top of the line for that price.

The good news is when you buy your computer that upgraded you will not have to buy another computer for like another 10 years because they are not going to come out with all new hardware that quick and good. So all you need to do is go to online and then you will be able to get the computer that you want and the price that you want. Along with a free flat screen computer screen.


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